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Welcome to icon_goddess - One of Livejournal's largest graphics community

You have reached vblackangelv's graphic site on Livejournal

- My community is members only so you must join in addition to adding this community as a friend before you can see entries

- I make icons, bases, friends only banners, brushes, journal headers, calendars, colorbars and other misc graphics

Comment on the one you take

Credit is optional although it is greatly appreciated. If you do credit, I prefer as icon_goddess

No direct linking

No requests

Bases are free to customize

Feel free to use where wherever you like

Please do not take without asking me first


**Disclaimer: I do not claim these as my artwork and I give credit and ask permission from artists I use for my work whenever possible

Spread the word if you like my work!

Upload to your own server, copy and paste this code

If you have an icon journal and would like to be affiliates email me at vblackangelv@yahoo.com or leave me a message here at the community on any post with your info including a button if you have one

If your journal or community does not update in a period of 2 weeks or more, it will be removed from this list...if you do get removed and have updated, let me know so I can add you back

notley_abbey basicbases fluidic_icons
obsessive100 achromaticons
Click to veiw icon_express rainbowgraphics

dactyliotheca disappearicons
pekeana ohpaintbrush crazy_perfume 100x100_brushes unravelingsky
_synergy jeweledicecream tragic_icons firaga contradictz magdalenaicons hotoko brush_fanatic brushaddicts glimglamoury spikesbint ladylenne colorfilter september_icons spiralling dragong lovemelikemusic flordeneu digitalstar04 dj43 _k_a_s_h_m_i_r_ chouchoune meleada the_knoife_life dearest quebelly wound3d 10000_pixels 77words lipsofpoison unmasked_icons colortone secretly__dying endlessdeep rough_draft___ ladybanteerin neke desiderio myrasis _blisse theatresphynx purebloodicons amethystia velvet_pirate natangel wingless_icons merely_anger magicalicons pixar_eve icanvas bittenicons auctrix_icons dactyliotheca

icon_extras resourcelove elite_tutorial

-December 2007-

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