□ the one and only icon_goddess □ (vblackangelv) wrote in icon_goddess,
□ the one and only icon_goddess □

this sucks....

i spilled soda all over my laptop and i just bought a new one. i lost everything :(

and with the holidays upon us and a new 11 yr old stepdaughter, i just need a break from here.

i do hope to come back at some point, but prolly not for a while :( i will miss you all and i hope you all have a very happy holiday season. much love to you all!

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We'll miss you too...

Happy Holidays to you as well.

**big hugs**
I will miss your beautiful artwork, but I know about insanity during the so-called holidays.

Be well.

craziness indeed ;)

thank you :)
You do whatever you need to to take care of yourself. We'll be here whenever you feel it's the right time to return. *hugs*
that means a lot to me, thank you sweets :)
Sorry to see you go, as your icons are so very lovely. :( Good luck with everything! Hope to see you around sometime in the future. ♥
i am sure you will ;)

thank you doll :)


December 21 2007, 03:54:36 UTC 10 years ago Edited:  December 21 2007, 03:55:57 UTC

My husband suggests you pull the hard drive from the laptop and put it in a hard drive enclosure, which you can get at any computer store for around 20-30 dollars US.... He's had to do this numerous times when laptops went tits up, and those enclosures can connect to any computer with a USB port (dual, usually, or the 'firewire adapter.' he assures me the computer guys will know what this means!)
Yes...whatever you do, don't throw out the laptop. The data could be recoverable.


10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago

will miss you, looking forward to when you're back! happy holidays - hope you have a great one! :)
thank you and i hope you do too :)
:( I'm sorry, I hope things look up for you. Enjoy your holidays! *sends big hugs*
i will, and you do the same :)
Have a wonderful holiday season! We'll be here when you get back. :)
you better be! lol


10 years ago

awww.... happy holidays and a great 2008 to you and yours!
thank you and the same to you my dear!
That sucks.

Good luck with the holidays, and I hope you'll be back soon.
thanks a bunch :)
Much woe! T_T

You will be missed! Here's to happy holidays. :)
thank you sugar!
You will be missed, and I'll be waiting and looking for your return.
nice to know :)
OMG I'm sorry that really sucks. I hope you can come back to us soon. We will miss you have a wonder holiday season *hug*
thank you very much darlin' :)

I'll miss your icons, but I totally understand!! Have an awesome holiday and good luck. We'll be looking forward to your return!! *huggles*
thank you my dear!

**huggles back**
oh wow! you are going to have your hands full!
have a great xmas and new years. i have loved all of your icons through out the whole year, i still think you have the best!

take it easy!
Jess =)
i am flattered!

**huge hugs**
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