□ the one and only icon_goddess □ (vblackangelv) wrote in icon_goddess,
□ the one and only icon_goddess □

this sucks....

i spilled soda all over my laptop and i just bought a new one. i lost everything :(

and with the holidays upon us and a new 11 yr old stepdaughter, i just need a break from here.

i do hope to come back at some point, but prolly not for a while :( i will miss you all and i hope you all have a very happy holiday season. much love to you all!

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Heya, I hope things are okay and you'll be returning at some point soon. I miss your work and you, and I'm sure a lot of other people do too. =]
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Linked back to you, too! :)
Hey. The icon I'm using now, is an icon (without the tag of course) that you made, I know it's an Emily the Strange image but I never seem to be able to find the kitties, I was wondering if it's possble to alter the colouring of the image for a friend of mine. I'd credit you still of course, just like I'm doing now.

I know you're away and I'm not sure if you're checking in with livejournal at the moment. Just let me know if it's okay or not when you're able to come back to us XD

Take Care! *Hugs*
I hope you're able to come back soon. :(
We still miss you. Come back soon. I hope all is well.
I wondered where you left off to!
I guess I'm a little late, but I hope you will still take my best wishes on coming back.
I spilled a steaming hot cup of coffee over my entire computer once, it sucked. And my friend did the same to her mums new shiny laptop with a glass of milk. Shit happens I guess.

I'm too scared to take coffee or tea near my computer again, albeit any spillable liquids.
Belated Big Hugs, Barbara ^__^

Hope you'll be back some day. ;__;
Just wanted to let you know that we miss your amazing artwork. I hope you come back someday. ;}
I miss your icons. Do you think you'll be coming back anytime in the forseeable future?
Get well soon, hope life is treating you a lot better than it was when you made this post :)
I miss your icons! They're the best in the 'net.
Please come back soon; I really miss you and your work. It's been 8 months now and ... you are missed and LJ isn't the same without you. *hugs*
I hope all is well and you'll be back soon. :)


Would you happen to know anything about the icon I'm using? I got it from a friend who got it from here or another icon community and now there's dramaz over its use.
Hi there, I was just thinking about you as I looked over some of your gorgeous icons and I really hope you'll be back soon.
I don't see any tags, or anything in the memories, I was wondering if you had any bride/wedding icons?
come back please? (:

Its been just over a year now. I wondered if you were thinking of coming back to LJ?
And a whole year gone by now....

I'll look for you in future, if you happen to pop up, but in the meantime, I'll still credit the icons I have, but I can't keep saying it's October of last year. Taking the calendar down.
I know it's been awhile, but I just wanted to say I'm sorry, and that I hope everything is going well with your family. I hope you are doing well too.
I do hope you come back some day. Your graphics are some of the best I've seen on LJ. And I just love your journal sets. I've not found anyone else that does them like you.
Take care!
Still thinking of you and hope that you and yours are well. We miss you and wish you'd come back soon. ♥
It's only now I discovered your LJ.

I just want to express how amazed I am with your works. They're superb and marvelous!

I hope you will come back soon. Sorry to read about your laptop though. But perhaps it's a sign to start anew for greater things to come.

thank you so much for sharing your art to all of us.

All the best as always.
black angel:

Are you still making icons? And if so - where? Your work is breathtaking and I'd hate to see it go!

Please come back to LJ, it's not the same without your icons. I miss you :(
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