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this sucks....

i spilled soda all over my laptop and i just bought a new one. i lost everything :(

and with the holidays upon us and a new 11 yr old stepdaughter, i just need a break from here.

i do hope to come back at some point, but prolly not for a while :( i will miss you all and i hope you all have a very happy holiday season. much love to you all!

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Enjoy your break, your holidays and your new 11yr old stepdaughter. See you and your lovely icons when you get back.
thank you luv :)
Happy holidays to you as well.
thank you :)

i'll miss your beautiful artwork, but i can understand that it's time needed to solve all the troubles (besides these holidays). so, have as much time as you need. :-) and even so have happy holiday and good luck. i'll be looking forward to your return! :-)

nicely put :)

i am sure i will be back....i have doing this too long to stay away forever ;)


9 years ago

Awww, sorry to hear that. You'll be missed. My brother's brand new laptop got lit up by lightning this summer. They replaced it under warranty because he claimed he had no idea what happenend -- it just stopped working. You could say that you have no idea what happened and go through the tech support measures. How would you know that someone else spilled something on it? LOL
i guess i could try, but the soda got in an awful lot of places :-o
I'll miss your beautiful artwork and I'll miss January calendar :-( .
I hope all will be ok.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year^^.
i will miss making them....hopefully it will be a short break ;)
we'll miss you, but i hope you enjoy your much deserved break! happy holidays to you and yours!!
thank you and the same to you dear :)
I hope there is some way you can recover your data. Losing everything hurts!
Have a happy holiday and stay safe!
i know i am sure going to try!
...being sent your way!
Thank you for all you do, your beautiful work, your lovely calendars, all your time and energy. I[we] are very grateful!

Enjoy your Holidays and regenerate!

~much luv and more positive energy
thank you very much sweetheart! very nice thoughts :)
Aw. :( *hugs*
That's terrible. :( *hug* I really hope you have a good holiday season.
i surely will and you too :)
Awwwwww, terrible!! ç__ç we will miss you!!! :*

Happy holidays!! Enjoy them! :)
i sure you, you too!
So sorry to hear about your data loss. I hope you are able to recover. I wish you calmness and relaxation over the holidays. Thank you for all the icons you've shared in the past and hopefully the future too!
how sweet, thank you for the kind words :)

Deleted comment

thank you sugar :)

Deleted comment

yes, i am trying to look at it that way ;)

a new year with new beginnings :)

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all of that.

Take care of yourself and do what you need to. Much love and warm thoughts at this time for you and yours.

thank you for the nice words sweetie :)
Oh, damn, sweetie!! Hang in there, I hope things are OK for you, we will miss you till you are back.
thank you so much luv :)

i will miss you a lot for sure!
Barbara you will be missed, but it is understandable how things happen and you need to step away from LJ. Take care of you and your family. I'll be here when you return.

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!

you are such a dear :)

that means a lot to me, thank you darlin' :)

Oh wow...I hope you can recover your laptop, ideally with all your stuff on it. :/ Happy Holidays, and enjoy your break from here. You've made a bajillion icons, I for one won't mind not having any new ones for a bit. :)
you are so sweet :)

and i do have a lot of archives to tide you guys over for a while ;)

Deleted comment

i never bought the extended warranty and i am sure soda was not on the original warranty :(

i am touched to think i will be missed :)
OMG! I'm sorry, honey! We'll miss you!!

Happy Holidays!! ♥ ♥
thank you so much luv!

Deleted comment

i am sorry you know my pain :(

i will never drink around a computer again ;)
Eww, that's horrible! My sympathies.
I hope the holidays will be fine and you'll get along with the new stepdaughter.
Merry Christmas and lots of love!
the new stepdaughter thing is the hardest! lol

and especially at her age.....yikes!

but i love her :)


9 years ago


9 years ago

Deleted comment

yes, that is the danger of having a laptop :(

same to you my love!
awww take all the time you need! youll be missed <33
i appreciate you saying that :)
Oh dear, that's really awful.


I hope you have a good holiday despite that.
i will, thank you :)
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